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About Michael Sean Butler

Michael Sean Butler is known as the “Rock N Roll Artist” for his paintings of famous rock n roll
stars. A self-taught artist currently residing in the Philadelphia area, Michael started drawing as
a kid and took some drawing lessons before teaching himself how to paint, first in acrylics, and
then moving onto oils. Inspired by music, he embraced his love of color to put emotion into
painting his music idols.
“Art isn’t always enjoyable”, he says, “I never wanted to do it but I always had to do it”. A high
school friend influenced him by showing him the power of imagination and how there is no limit
to how much imagery you can put in one painting.
Being an artist “allows one to be their true selves”, Michael said, and his use of symbolism,
bright colors and famous faces allows us to see that in every painting.

 (877) 932-4323